A gelatinous species of mobile fungus, specifically jelly mold fungus. The collected minerals from the food that they consume collects within them and forms crystals over time and are quite valuable as alchemical properties. their flesh is incredibly healthy and has strong regenerative properties, now becoming a staple in potions.

Slime Types:
Name Color Trait Area
Slime Green None Fields, Forrests
Scum Red Flaming Volcanoes, Craters
Agar Colorless Icey Tundras, Mountains
Jelly Purple Glowing, Electric Swamps, Caves
Gum Pink Sticky, Heavy Jungles - Near flowers
Pudding Brown Slick, Fast Savanahs, Jungles
Candy Yellow Shelled Deserts, Canyons
Ooze Blue Spiked Oceans, Lakes, Rivers
Mold Black Poison Swamps, Fields
Blot Oily Explosive Volcanoes, Mountains
Flan Orange Rare, Filled with Amber Forrests, Caves, Craters