Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 7 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Herbivore (Ferns, moss, fallen fruit)
A Dracon who's body can roll up into a ball, similar to Armadillidiidae, but in the case of a Riubralla, each shell segment is actually a flexible wing. It is capable of long periods of flight when all wings are in use. It's Head is smooth and it's mouth toothless. A Riubralla can breath a fire, but only in small, two second bursts, instead, it's plate-like wings have adapted to secrete a flammable oil that it lights on fire as it rolls, making it's normal charge even more deadly. It's two legs are short and end in four stubby claws, but it also has a pair of long arms that end in club-like claws that it uses to land on it's enemies from mid-flight.
Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Bralla Wing Bralla Oil Bralla Knuckle Bralla Skull
Bralla Hide Bralla Claw




It's name is derived from the estonian word Rikub; meaning to complain, and the italian word routa; meaning wheel.