Regnator de Nebula
Some attributes
Type Animalia
Sub-type Mammalia
Difficulty 9 star
Other attributes
! Diet Omnivore (Any large plants or animals it sees when hungry)


The Regnator de Nebula is a giant beast capable of blocking out the sun. It is as twice as long as a blue whale, and has a huge, fang filled mouth with four short tusks, two on the top and bottom. It is covered in orange and grey fur. It has around forty giant, blood red spines on it's back, each as thick as a tree trunk. These spines are hard, but hallow, and filled with a mixture of buoyant gasses, giving the Regnator the ability to fly. The Regnator has hallow flippers, with four, large. hooked claws on each. It has no back legs, but instead it has two tails, each long and flat, made up of multiple, hallow, armor plated segments. each of it's tail segments has two small air holes in them, one on the top and bottom, these regulate the air flow into a second pair of lungs that produce helium and other buoyant gasses for it's spines.


The Regnator usually attacks by swooping down in a low arch and trying to swallow it's prey whole, or to at least rend them with it's tusks. simply being near it's tail will send a person flying from the gale of wind it puts out. It is known to fly near an enemy and hook a flipper into the ground, it's momentum will pull the earth out from under it's prey, stunning them. It can also wrap itself around the battlefield and release a electric shock on anything caught in it's circle. lastly, it can charge up and fire a powerful beam of thunderclouds from it's mouth, capable of killing nearly anything it hits.


  • The Regnator only eats once a month, but when it does is capable of eating up to 32 tons of food.
  • It's name translates from latin to 'Ruler of Clouds' or 'Ruler of Fog'.
Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Nebula Hide Nebula Quill Nebula Tusk Nebula Ruby
Nebula Claw Crimson Hardbone
Nebula Tail