Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 9 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Carnivore (Large Fish, Huge Beasts)


A Dracon that creates clouds near itself by super-heating water stored in it's skin, and then when light reflects through it's crystal-like scales, shines rainbow colored light on these clouds. This is known to be a territorial display to let other creatures know that it is near. it's head is very piranha-like in appearance, though attached to a long, ridged neck. It has a long, powerful, tail with three bladed tail-fins. It's belly has two long blade-like ridges running down it used for cutting prey mid-flight.


The Recropolith can fire an explosive beam of light from it's mouth. Adult Recropolith have adapted the ability to fire this beam at their own circular, mirror-like wings as a means of hitting targets behind themselves in rapid succession, usually catching other predators off guard.

Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Recro Gemhide Recro Tailblade Recro Wingplate Crystal Heart
Recro Wingshard Glittering Blood


It's name comes from the latin word Recro; meaning revival, and lith; meaning stone. This is due to the crystaline nature of it's skin and how it can make something new and more powerful (lazers), from something old (water and sunlight).