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The Narrowleaf Plantain

Plants (part 1 - Herbs):
Icon Material Quality Buy Price Sell Price Location/Drop/Recipe Used In Description
Blue Algae Still water, Caves Poison/ Paralysis Potions A misty blue algae often found growing in shallow salt water.
Red Algae Oceans, moving water Blind/ Spore Potions Dark red algae often found growing in deep fresh water.
Blood Root Mountains, Snowy areas Health Steal Potions A dark red root, rich in iron.
Glow Root Fields, Jungles Stamina Regen Potions A long, teal root that stores light from the sun.
Bulb Root Swamps, Caves Twitch/ Overload Potions A round, luminous root, often seen poking above the earth.
Ginger Root Jungles, Swamps Sleep/ Chill Potions - Cooking A spicy, herbal root with a flowery taste.
Shell Berry Desserts, Beaches Blind/ Ignition Potions Bright red berries with a hard orange crust.
Plasma Berry Mountains, Volcanoes Bleed/ Fossil Potions Dark purple and red berries that give off heat when crushed.
Cumin Forests, Swamps Fossil/ Paralysis Potions A tall, branching herb with long, lemony flavored seeds
Goosegrass Desert, Savanah Ignition/ Poison Potions A layered herb with hooked leafs.
Rosemary Snowy mountains, Fields, Forests

Overload/ Poison Potions - cooking

An herb and evergreen, used in cooking
Yarrow Fields, Forests Spore/ Paralysis Potions A common herb with yellow, clustered blooms.
Dandelion Forests Blind/ Sleep Potions - Cooking An invasive herb with a fluffy yellow bloom.
Thistle Fields, Canyons Bleed/ Poison Potions A prickly, lavender colored flower.
Blue Star Forests, Canyons
Chamomile Fields, Canyons Bleed/ Overload Potions - Cooking A type of flower and herb with long petals and a yellow center.
Mullein Savanahs, Swamps Spore/ Paralysis Potions A tall, velvety herb with many yellow blooms.
Goblin Heart Forests, Jungles Twitch/Chill Potions - Paralysis/Fossil Grenades An herb with heart shaped leafs and small green blooms.
Wax Leaf Savanahs, Canyons Twitch/ Healing Potions Hard, wavey leafs growing from a cord-like stem
Sakura Blossom Forests Critical Chance Potions Light pink, sweet scented flowers from a cherry tree.
Sugar Blossom Jungles Gathering Rate Potions Light green, sugary flowers from a desert vine.
Bloom Vine Swamps A strong, hallow vine that grows in hot climates.
Coin Moss Fields, Caves HP Boost Potions Hardy, golden moss with disk shaped leafs.
Water Moss Jungles, Beaches HP Boost Potions A blue moss that never seems to loose it's dampness.
Fire Moss Canyons, Volcanoes HP Boost Potions Soft, black moss. Spreads orange, glowing spores.
Cumulus Moss Mountain Tops HP Boost Potions Plush, white moss. Spreads blue, glowing spores.
Aloe Vera Savanahs Healing Potions A type of succulent plant that grows in warm, tropical areas.
Honey Forests, Swamps Healing Potions - Cooking A sweet compound made from flower nectar by method of bees.
Fiddlehead Forests, Jungles Healing Potions - Cooking A young, still curled fern leaf.
Horsetail Near Rivers/Lakes Healing Potions A segmented stalk plant commonly found in wet soil.
Bamboo Shoot Jungles Golden Jars - Cooking A young shoot from a to be bamboo stalk.
Twist Weed Swamps A dark green weed with many branching tendrils, and small orange flowers.
Mint Forests Heat Resistance Potions - Cooking A shrub like herb with cooling, sweet leafs.
Cinnamon Jungles Cold Resistance Potions - Cooking The dried bark from certain tropical trees.
Basil Mountains Cooking a round leafed, hardy herb with an earthy smell
Cilantro Canyons Cooking Strong, feathery herbs used in cooking
Peppercorn Jungles, mountains Cooking Round, spicey seeds frequently used in cooking
Turmeric Jungles, Canyons Cooking A hard, yellow root used to make curry powder
Thyme Forests Cooking A piney, fragrent herb used in cooking
Plants (part 2 - Crafting/cooking):
Icon Material Quality Buy Price Sell Price Location/Drop/Recipe Used In Description
Birch Log
Birch Catkin
Willow Log
Willow Catkin
Sycamore Log
Sycamore Nut
Castus Log
Cactus Flower
Ficcipios beam a large orange beam carved from a giant Ficcipios tree. The Ficcipios tree grows like a living plataou in the forest, up to 200 feet tall and 300 feet wide, and supports it's own ecosystem growing on it.
Ficcipios bud A small blue bud of the ficcipios tree, filled with glowing blue pollen. only blooms on full moons.
Prairie Brome Cooking A wild grain found in mountain and hill areas.
Flax Cooking A slender black grain found in dry fields and savanhas.
Wild Oats Cooking A wild grain found in woodland and field areas.
Bush Wheat Cooking A cultivated grain found in dry fields and savanhas.
Amaranth Cooking A white grain found in woodland and field areas.
Rice Cooking A cultivated grain found in swamps and wetlands.
Blood Corn Cooking A species of red, sweet corn commonly used in baking
Thistle Corn Cooking The odd combination of corn and wild thistle. a prickly, lavender colored corn with an earthy taste.
Lava Grapes Valcanoes Cooking Dark purple grapes that only grow in volcanic soil.
Gooseberries Hills, Savanahs Cooking Light green, striped berries that grow on thorny vines.
Cranberries Mountains, Snowy areas Cooking bright red berries that grow best in chilly regions.
Mulberries Forests, Jungles Cooking Dark purple berry clusters that grow from thorny vines
Thimble Berries Mountains, Forests Cooking A close relitive of raspberries. found in mountainous areas.
Juniper Berries Mountains, Snowy areas Cooking Small, blue berry-like cones from juniper bushes.
Elderberries Forests, Fields Cooking Bumpy, white and blue berries that grow in the snow
Strawberries Forests, Fields Cooking large, red, egg shaped berries with seeds dotting it's surface.
Cherries Forests, Fields Cooking Shiny, dark red berry-like fruit that grow in pairs.
Plum A small dark purple fruit with orange flesh.
Peach A round, red and orange fruit with a velvety skin.
Mango a smooth, egg shaped fruit with a red/orange skin.
Papaya a long green fruit with vibrant orange flesh. filled with shiny black seeds.
Kiwi small, brown, fuzzy fruit with vibrant green flesh.
Lemon A slick, yellow fruit. has a very sour taste.
Orange A slick, orange fruit. Has a sweet and sour taste.
Garmaca Canyons, Savanahs Cooking large, disk shaped fruits with purple skin and black stripes. filled with tiny black seeds.
Sand Apple Dessert, Canyons Cooking A small, yellow apple that has a texture like wet sand.
Blue Apple tropical areas within 10 miles of the ocean Cooking ether through crazy coincidence or selective breeding, these bright blue apples taste like blue raspberry candy.
Mountain Apple Jungles, Swamps Cooking A long, red, waxy fruit with a hard pit.
Pineapple tall, yellow fruit with scaley skin and long stiff leafs. Has a very sweet and sour taste.
Prickly Pear A red and green fruit that grows from cactus flowers.
Banana long, skinny, yellow fruit that grow from certain palm trees.


Small, conical, purple fruit that grow in bunches from desert trees.
Date Small, narrow, purple fruit that grow in bunches from certain palm trees.
Lychee Small red skinned fruits with soft white flesh.
Breadfruit Large green fruit with white, doughy flesh. They are said to taste like bread.
Custard apple Green, lumpy fruit with white, soft flesh.
Cantelope melon Large, tan skinned fruit with bright orange flesh.
Tar Fruit A red, thick skinned fruit with a black, sticky, glue-like flesh that tastes like malassas.
Bumpkin The Praen decendent of pumpkins, not much has changed, except Bumpkins grow with several cone shaped bumps growing on their surface.
Embercap Cooking A dark grey mushroom with glowing orange spots. The skin is very tough.
Terracap Cooking Dull orange mushrooms the color of terracatta pottery.
Cavern Glowcap Potions Spindly, crystaline mushrooms that brightly glow in the darkness.
Giant Fleshstump Potions Huge, pink mushrooms that grow in the woods outside Althusia.
Maitake Cluster Cooking Large corral-like mushroom clusters that grow at the base of trees and rotting logs.
Turkey Tail Potions Flat, multi-colored, ringed mushrooms that grow on the sides of trees.
Dryad's Saddle Cooking Tan, scaley mushrooms that grow on the side of trees.
Seagull Nut Near the ocean Cooking A long, grey nut with a very green taste
Cage Nut Forests Cooking A red-brown nut with a shell resembling a ribcage. Oddly enough the meat of the nut resemble a pair of lungs.
Giant Pinenut Forests, Snowy Areas Cooking Seeds from a giant pinecone, commonly used as a garnish for steak.
Gingko Nut Jungles Cooking Smooth, tan nuts found in tropic climates
Marsh Almonds Swamps Cooking Hard, porous nuts that grow in swampy regions.
Coco Beans Jungles Cooking Large, dark beans from a coco pod that are used in the making of chocolate.
Poppy Seed Fields, Savanahs Cooking Tiny, black seeds from the seed pod of a dried poppy flower.
Rose Hip Forests Cooking The bulbus base of a wilted rose, used in tea and medicine.
Lavender Fields, Snowy Areas Cooking light purple flowers used in certain cooking
Sunflower Seeds Fields, Savanahs Cooking Large, meaty seeds from a sunflower.
Bluebell Forests, Jungles Paralysis Grenades Blue, bell shaped flowers that are known to cause heart attacks when digested.
Giant Sundew Jungles Water Grenades A heavy, purple plant with a glue-like sap.
Ember Fern Volcanoes Fire Grenades A grey colored fern that which leafs seem to burn indefinitly
Chameleon Fern Forests An average looking fern that changes it's color to match it's surroundings
Iceweed The Frostwoods A soft, clear shrub that is mostly water. The slightest touch unfreezes the water within, allowing it to grow again, at least until it freezes back over.
Thunder Clover Canyons, Electric plains Thunder Grenades A type of blue clover that grows in areas with a high electrical output.
Thundercup mountains/forests with rocky soil descended from the earthen 'buttercup', the teal stem from this yellow flowered plant creates a strong electical charge when ground up.
Giant Clover Forests Stamina Grenades A huge, hardy clover the size of a hand
Fluffy Seed Fields Blindness Grenades A flat, feather like seed. is easily crushed into dust.
Rubber Seed Jungles Bouncing Betty Grenades A round, rubbery seed the size of a pea. extremly bouncy.
Zinnia Flash Grenades
Nightshade Poison Grenades
Crocus Sleep Granades