Beasts resembling a mixture between a moray eel and a large beast. It has a long neck and head similar to a moray, but stands on four thin, muscular arms, each ending in a very dexterous, webbed paw. their tail is long and tapered, and the majority of their body is coated in a spotted, grey, velvet-like fur, except for a thick black mane running down it's neck, back and front shoulders. A young Muragilus between 1-10 years old are usually about 2-3 feet tall and 4-6 feet long. but they are quite capable of living up to 40 years, and the largest recorded was at an impressive 15'4".

In the wild they are known to hunt in packs, and are mildly territorial. A lone Muragilus will search out a pack to be in and are far from picky, even seen living and hunting with different creatures for companionship, this made domestication of their species quite easy. They prefer to live near sources of water, as their diet consists of fresh fish, shellfish, and leafy greens. They are excellent swimmers, and have been known to swim up to 40mph when motivated, twice as fast as their land speed. As they get larger they tend to get more lazy, so owners need to keep a Muragilus busy by taking it to large water sources several times a week.


It's name derives from the latin word for the sea; mare, and Agilis; the latin word for nimble or quick.