Mordes Kurbis
Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 5 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Omnivore (Roots, small animals)


A long, flat draconian with a gourd shaped body. Has a wide mouth filled with flat, razor-like teeth used for chopping through roots. It's front legs are short, with large, flat claws built for digging. it's hind legs are long, pale, and frog-like, usually dragging behind it. It's tail is thin, and just as flat as its body is, with a plated top and a soft underside. It has four beady red eyes that are only good for sensing light, but it has four long metallic whiskers used for sensing vibrations.


In battle it can burrow and surface through hard earth with ease, similar to a dolphin swimming through water. Using it's long legs, it can leap and cling onto cave walls to gather mud, or cause small cave-ins. It uses it's tongue to push balled up mud out of it's throat, and can expel this mud at high enough speeds to shatter rock. One tell it has is when it's whiskers are pointed backwards, usually flat against it's face, which means it is about to make a running charge at it's 'prey'.

Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Fuzzy Dracon-hide Kurbis Wire Flexible Jaw Kurbis Stone
Flat Bladetooth Wavey Plate
Small Claw




It's name is literaly translated as Murder Pumpkin from german.