Name Use Area Threat Description
Sapphire Fantail A species of large, blue and purple butterfly native to Junjunma. they are named for their large flat abdominal fins that rivals the span of their wings.
Fantail Larvae A huge armored caterpiller with a fan shaped, plated tail. often seen holding onto fruit while hanging from a tree branch. usually camoflauged to resemble a branch themselfs.
Ash Aphid / Wooly Aphid Tiny flying insects that are covered in a fluffy white secretion that makes them resemble falling ash.
Common leafhopper
Bubble-Nested leafhopper
Dune Hopper Science cannot explain how sardines and grasshoppers fused, one day these small beach hopping assholes just appeared all across prae.
Black ground Beetle long black beeles that are quite common in wooded areas
Armored Darkling Beetle Large black beetles covered in a hard, bumpy shell.
Bark Weevil
Nut Weevil