Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 7 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Carnivore (large and small animals)


A Dracon that does not have scales, but instead a thin, spongy hide. It can fire a fine web stream from a pair of tusk-like glands in it's outer cheeks, which it uses to incapacitate prey, as well as attract additional Flinticids using pheromones. It's wings have are boneless and lacy, unable to take flight, instead they beat at different frequencies to communicate with it's Flinticids, commanding them around it's nearby area. It's claws are flat and gecko-like, allowing it to climb flat surfaces, yet are intricate enough for it to grab small objects such as it's Flinticids without harming them.


Hal's have a symbiotic relationship with a special type of insect that lives on it's skin, acting as it's scales by hooking onto it with mantis-like pincers. The insects feed when the Hal feeds, usually swarming a fresh kill like a rabid blanket, and in return the insects light up dark caves and forests around the Hal.

Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Flinticid Shell Flinticid Biolamp Hal Tusk Queen Flinticid
Hal Hide Hal Netting


Hal'Percussor's name is derived from the words Hell and Percussion

Flinticids get their name from the words Flint and Aphid