Salt Water Fish:
Fish Name: Buy Price: Sell Price: Used In: Description:
Brown Cod Large brown and white fish commonly used in cooking.
Sea Bass A light teal bass with black strips running down it's body.
Goliath Grouper Huge, brown and tan fish that somewhat resembe a swimming boulder.
Lavaback Grouper medium sized, white and red blotched groupers.
Tarpon Huge silver fish somewhat related to bass.
Tilapia medium sized, large scale sea fish that are common used in cooking
Sandy Flounder A medium sized, sandy colored flatfish.
Olive Flounder A large, olive-blrown flatfish.
Coldwater Halibut A large, dark brown skinned flatfish that lives in cold waters.
Turbot A round, white and tan speckled faltfish.
Tiger Rockfish Red and orange stripped fish with spiny fins.
China Rockfish A black and yellow veriety of rockfish
Gopher Rockfish A white and brown marbled veriety of rockfish
Yelloweye Rockfish A vibrant orange and gold veriety of rockfish
Common Sheepshead a black and white stripped, large headed fish.
Common Remora A medium sized, silver and black fish with a smooth shape and a specialized fin used for attaching itself to large host fish.
Lesser Flying Fish Otherwise known as the Earthen Flying Fish, as it comes from earth and does not acually fly, but glides across the water's surface.
Greater Flying fish A species of small catfish native to Presidium that can fly through the air as if it was swimming. common in cloudy areas.
Cloud Lancer A relitive of the swordfish that has evolved to fly through the sky as opposed to swimming. Rarely spotted anywere there are other flying fish.
Boranha Light, carnivorous fish that have replaced their fluids with boron gas, allowing them to fly. common above swamps.
Bubble Shrimp Small green shrimp that survive in the air by surounding themselfs with clouds of bubbles. when flying in a school these bubble clouds can block out the sun. common around coastlines and grassy fields.
Barracuda A slim, silver colored fish with a toothy mouth. known for it's speed and aggresion.
Cutlassfish very long, skinny, silver fish with needle-like teath.
Giant Oarfish Giant, Very long, blue and red fish with a round face and trailing dorsal fins.
Lavaback Stingray A medium sized, orange and black blotched stingray. commonly spotted in dark, warm waters.
Bluespotted Ribbontail ray Circular, yellow stingrays covered in blue spots.
Electric ray Black, circular shaped stingrays. can create an electric shock.
Horned Bull Ray light tan rays with a round nose and a pair of boney horns on it's head.
Spotted Eagle Ray Medium sized rays with very long tails. are black with tiny white spots.
Giant Manta-Ray Giant, black, white bellied rays. are very freindly for a ray.
Carpet shark small, flat, orange and white marbled sharks that prey on small fish. has a 'beard' of small feelers that allow it to sense prey.
Cat shark Small, calico colored sharks.
Whale Shark Huge, blue sharks with gaping toothless mouths.
Zebra shark medium sized, White and black spotted sharks with three boney ridges running down it's back. have very small mouths.
Shortfin Mako large, black and white, stub nosed sharks.
Lemon Shark average, yellow-grey sharks with a sleak body and nose.
Blue Shark Blue, skinny, long nosed sharks. have big eyes.
Tiger Shark Average, orange sharks with brown strips.
Bullshark Average, black sharks with large side fins and a upwards curved nose.
Thresher shark Medium sized, blue sharks with stubby, bullet shaped heads and very long tail fins.
Hammerhead Shark Brown and white sharks with a flat, hammer shaped head.
Shovelhead Shark small, black and white sharks with a flat, shovel shaped head.
Dunkleosteus Huge, Armor plated sharks with round helmet-like heads with flat toothy ridges.
Blue Marlin huge, blue and white fish with a spear-like nose.
Sailfish basicly a blue marlin with a colorful, sail-like dorsal fin.
Speckled Sunfish Giant round fish with a silver and grey speckled skin.
Blue Mola Giant found fish that are slightly longer that their speckled veriety. Have a blue and purple hide.
Yellowtail Amberjack A medium sized fish with a yellow belly and tail.
Blushing Amberjack A red and purple veriety of amberjack
Blackfin Bonito large blue and black tuna
Bluefin tuna Giant, blue and silver tuna
Yellowfin Bonito Giant blue and yellow tuna
Common Ponpano medium sized, silver and yellow, dimond shaped fish with a round, smooth head.
Yellowtail Snapper Small, blue and yellow fish that swim around corral reef areas.
Red Snapper Large pink fish with large scales that is prized for its flavor.
Horse Mackerel Small, silver, knife shaped fish that swim in large schools.
King Mackerel Large, black and silver mackeral
Japanese Seabream large, scaley, silver and pink fish. commonly used in cooking.
Boops Seabream tiny silver seabream
Mahi-mahi Huge, yellow-green-blue fish with round heads and scissor-like tail fins.
Damselfish small, vibrant blue fish with a yellow strip down their back.
Surgeonfish Oval shaped, blue and black marked fish.
Clownfish Small, vibrant orange fish with 1-4 white stripes going horizantaly down it's body.
Royal Angelfish Vibrantly colored blue and yellow stripped fish
Sunburst Butterflyfish small, yellow and white, circular shaped fish.
Copperband Butterflyfish Round, orange and white fish with a long mouth.
Marbled Filefish Tan and white fish with horn-like fins on it's head and a fan shaped tail.
Tassle Filefish Looks like a marbled filefish but is covered in tiny spines that resemble kelp.
Clown Triggerfish A small, black, football shaped fish covered in white and yellow bloches.
Bandit Parrotfish Large, grey, beaked fish that eat corral stone. They have a black 'mask'.
Rainbow Parrotfish Blue, orange, and green parrotfish.
Common Hawkfish small, white and orange fish with tassle-like dorsel fins.
longnose Hawkfish looks like a stretched common hawkfish
lavarock Hawkfish a rounder, crimson and black colored hawkfish
Schooling Bannerfish Round, black and white fish with long dorsal fins.
Barfish A large grey and black fish with sail-like fins.
Razer Clam

Duck Clam

Giant Clam
Sunny Scallop
Bay Scallop
Crusted Oyster
Blue Mussel
Zebra Mussel
Green Rain Mussel
Stripped Sea Snail
Flat shell Sea Snail
Drill Shell Sea Snail
Reefback Sea Snail
Gaint Conch Snail
Common Cowry Snail

Fresh Water Fish:
Fish Name: Buy Price: Sell Price: Used In: Description:
Tiger Oscar Large, black and orange agressive fish. commonly found in tropic rivers.
Humphead Cichlid Large blue and black stripped fish with a bulbus forhead.
Bluegill Round, teal fish with a red belly. very common in lakes.
Cherry Perch Red and grey perch found in lakes
White Perch white speckled perch found commonly in creeks
Tiger Bass Long bodied, Brown-tan stripped bass. A common river fish.
Black Bass Large green, brown, and black colored bass. An uncommon lake fish.
Warmouth Bass Small bass with serrated fins. Can range from green and red or black and green. A common lake fish.
Common Mudfish Long brown fush related to carp with terrible tasting meat.
Freshwater Eel Very long, olive colored fish known to be very good fried.
Giant Sun Carp Gold and brown carp that are commonly known to reach 4-6 feet long
Crimson Bullhead Large red catfish commonly found tropical swanps and jungles.
Ebony Bullhead Large black skinned catfish that are sometimes found in rivers and lakes.

Speckled Pleco

small, brown catfish that are more bone than meat. good for eating algae. uncommonly found in tropic lakes and streams.
Goldscale Pleco large golden catfish with hard shell-like hides. rarly found in tropical lakes.
Myrtle Pleco Dark green catfish with an armored hide. Commonly found in tropical rivers.
Alligator Gar Long, thick-scaled fish with long tooth filled mouths.
Common Pike Long green fish.
Rainbow Trout Medium sized gold and pink fish common in lakes and rivers.
Brown Trout brown and green trout common in lakes
Silver Skipjack Small silver fish
Common Flanchibo small, caramel colored fish with flat faces
Black Opal Oyster
Marsh Clam
Freshwater Angelfish Small, silver and black fish with long dorsal fins.
Archerfish Small, silver and black black fish that can shoot water from it's mouth to knock insects into the water.

Meat Name: Buy Price: Sell Price: Used In: Description:
Duck Meat Ducks now have four eyes. Don't question it they just do.