Dacry Spats
Some attributes
Age 44
Gender Male
Race Flourapeth
Other attributes
Occupation Forge Guild Lieutenant
Class Thaumaturgist
Weapon Mace
Dacry is the second Lieutenant of four in the Forge Guild.

Dacry is a Jelly fungus varient of Flourapeth. He specializes in Floura and Healing spells, and can create Slime barriers from himself

Physical Traits:

Dacry has slightly grey/teal skin, messy bright orange hair, bright orange eyes, and around two dozen, inch long, bright orange, fungus tendrils growing from his shoulders and back. He is abnormally tall for a Flourapeth, at 6'10", with a thin frame. He wears a purple pinstripe vest (no shirt), black slacks, and slick purple shoes with bright orange spats.