Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 3 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Carnivore (Fish, Scavenges other's kills)
A Dracon with large, circular scales. They are a steely blue color, with dark red areas. It has long legs, and webbed feet ending in blade-like claws. It's front and back legs are connected by a rubbery membrane used in both swimming and short gliding. It has a very long, whip-like tail with parallel rows of short spikes running down it. It has a bald, parrot-like head, with a 5 point beak, two on top and 3 on the bottom, with the middle point is dark red where the other four are a yellow-green. It has a hallow, Mohawk-like bone crest on it's head, and two smaller ones on it's back where it's wings would normally be. It's body is covered in a layer of teal slime filled with regenerative electrocytes, capable of releasing a powerful electric shock when physically aggravated. Celberam's have learned to exploit this by using their claws to sweep slime at enemies, or by sliding on their stomachs, becoming encircled in a electrical aura.
Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Celberam SlimeHide Celberam Claw Five Pronged Beak
Celberam Webbing Stripped Crest
Celberam Whip