Some attributes
Type Animalia
Sub-type Anthropod
Difficulty 3star
Other attributes
! Diet Vegetarian (rotting plants, nectar)

A giant winged insect, covered in sparkling, dark blue fur. It's wings have a crescent moon shape on them, and when perched it will hold one wing out, imitating the moon to any creature bellow it. They are nocturnal, vegetarian, and highly friendly toward humans, as long as they are not startled with loud noises, lights, or attacks.

When startled they will swarm their threat, clinging to it with their hooked forearms and ejecting a powerful stream of acid from the tip of it's abdomen, after about a second they will release their hold and both their threat and themselves will be propelled in opposing directions. When on the ground they are significantly less of a threat, only able to bite what is directly in front of it, and being unable to walk quickly.