Baalith Forktail
Some attributes
Type Arcanalia
Sub-type Draconian
Difficulty 6 Star
Other attributes
! Diet Omnivore (fruit, fish, insects)
A Dracon with a narrow, crescent shaped head made of two large bony plates used for communicating with other Forktails by a series of clacking noises. Forktails are often seen shaking their heads in territorial displays similarly to iguanas. Their tails, as stated in their title, are forked around two thirds of the way down, and are used for swinging from branches and grabbing objects. Often when in battle, a Forktail will grab a log or boulder and lob it at it's enemy. Though a Forktail has a wide wingspan, they are seldom seen flapping their wings, instead they use their momentum from swinging to launch themselves into the air, then glide to their destination. mildly territorial, they try to avoid confrontation, but when angered, they start to drool a green, sticky substance that they use to blow large bubbles filled with an explosive gas.
Common Uncommon Rare Priceless
Baalith Membrane Flamable Adhesive Moon Skull
Baalith Hide Forked Tail
Baalith longbone