Aurita Anura
Some attributes
Age 31
Gender Female
Race Therian
Other attributes
Occupation Forge Guild Captain
Class Mercenary
Weapon Fists

Aurita is the second captain of five working under Lieutenant (add character here).  Aurita is a South African Horned frog Tharian varient. She Specializes in Earth magic, and when she morphs gains double attack and a -75% affinity to defense. Aurita has a natural 55% affinity in water defense.

Physical Traits:

Aurita has dark brown skin, her hair is done in cornrows going back into a bun, and her eyes are bright green and identical to a frog's eyes. She stands at 6'2" and is very muscular. Aurita wears a light olive tank top, yellow black and grey camo print military pants, and dark olive military boots.