Some attributes
Type Natura
Sub-type Fungus
Difficulty 7Star
Other attributes
! Diet Insects

Alchemerous is a slime based creature, resembling a giant winged gecko with a mane of thorns and giant rose petals. it's body is solid, but it's skin is a thick layer of slime mold that keeps it protected from most damage unless it dries up.

It uses it's mane as a weapon by ramming with it's shoulder at the enemy, or by flopping on top of them. It's most powerful attack is when it clenches it's tail in like an accordion, forcing a pressurized beam of fungal spores from it's mouth at a high velocity, then inflates it's tail again, sucking the spores back towards itself with enough force to ignite them, creating a wall of fire. It can only do this attack sparingly however, as it both needs time to grow more spores and re-hydrate itself after coming into contact with that much fire.


Its name comes from the word 'Alchemy' a form of science revolving around change, and the suffix '-ous' meaning 'having' or 'full of'.